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Cost effective recruitment

We help make recruitment quick, easy and cost effective for you. We have a variety of different advertising options available to meet your specific requirements and budget.

Myfacilitiesmanagementjobs "Smartsearch"

Unlike traditional job boards where your job posting can get lost in a sea of uncomplimentary job postings Myfacilitiesmanagementjobs "Smartsearch" technology ensures that job seekers find the exact type of vacancy that they want as well as receiving automatic recommendations on other suitable positions.

Happy Candidates

Our aim is 100% candidate satisfaction. The Myfacilitiesmanagementjobs website has been designed to be user friendly and intuitive for the jobseeker to use. After all we know that happy job seekers will mean more and better quality applications for you. We aim to achieve this by giving candidates the widest choice of suitable vacancies and the best possible functionality such as add to wish list.

Jobs alerts by email

This is a great method to communicate with hard to reach passive jobseeker who are looking for their next exciting career move. Candidates who have set up a job alert will receive notification directly to their inbox that your job posting meets their requirement.

Send to a friend

Myfacilitiesmanagementjobs realise that one of the best ways of communicating a message is via word of mouth. By having functionality on the job description page that allows candidates to email a copy of your vacancy to suitably qualified friends and colleagues this will help you receive even more responses.

Targeted Candidates

Myfacilitiesmanagementjobs is the number one choice for 1000’s of candidates on a daily basis who are either working in the FM industry sector or who would like to work in this sector. This means that you receive applications from focused candidates and do not have to waste your valuable time by sifting through hundreds of unqualified candidates.

Pre-Qualify Candidates

Our system allows you to pre qualify candidates by asking them to complete a number of important questions when they apply to your job. This information allows you to make a quick judgement call on whom the most suitable candidates are to take to the next stage of the recruitment process.

Easily manage your candidates

The candidate management system has been designed to be extremely user friendly and gives you full control of your recruitment campaign as well as being easy to integrate with multi-posting software providers. From here you can easily manage your recruitment process with functionality such as being able to post, edit and delete your job postings. Furthermore applications to your advertised job vacancies are sent straight to your inbox.

Excellent customer service

Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction. We offer an excellent level of customer service than can be tailored to your exact requirements. This includes dedicated account management and a team of customer service, marketing and sales professionals to ensure that you are expectations are met and exceeded. Customers can choose to participate in regular online surveys to gauge your level of satisfaction with different elements of our service.

Tailored Recruitment solution

We provide you with a variety of advertising options and tailored solutions that will allow you to highlight your employee brand proposition and win the war for talent. These include featured jobs, featured employers, banner advertising and Page Peel advertising.

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For more information on how Myfacilitiesmanagementjobs can help with your recruitment campaign please complete our Recruiter contact form. All information provided is treated as confidential. You can also email us: .

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