Why MyFMJobs


We decided that it was about time that jobseekers within the facilities management industry had their own jobsite. FM Jobseekers do not have a jobsite which they can call their own. An FM Jobseeker has to search through numerous jobsites looking for jobs which fit their criteria. The problem is that there is just too many jobsites to visit and so there is a good chance they could miss the job they are looking for. Having a dedicated jobsite shall enable FM Jobseekers to know exactly where they have the best chance of securing their next job.


Recruiters have no facilities management jobs board dedicated to FM jobs and so post their jobs to numerous job boards. We solve that problem. Recruiters shall know that by posting their jobs on MyFacilitiesManagementJobs.co.uk they shall get the best possible candidates applying and have the best possible chances of filling their vacancy with the right choice.

MyFacilitiesManagementJobs.co.uk aim to be the Number 1 recruitment site for FM Jobseekers and FM Recruiters.

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